I recently embarked on a major healthkick. Not that I was exactly unhealthy before… But since I have been doing the protein shakes, bigger, better gym workouts, no coffee and pure foods, I have not only become a more vigorous and alive human being – but I believe a better copywriter!

What kicked it all off? Writing a health report for a client that begin with the sage advice that the biggest secret is “mindset” Once you are in the right frame of mind to be fitter, healthier, slimmer, stronger — you cannot fail. It certainly struck a chord!
Here are some thoughts that I hope may inspire you on a path to enlightened living and enlivened writing:

Bring vitality to your verbs

It’s amazing how effortless writing can become when you take excellent care of yourself. The nutrition your body is enjoying will naturally replenish the mind, bring clarity, and allow you that boost of energy to get more quality writing done in less time. Indeed, the empowerment you feel about your health will definitely empower your communications – and your written works
will read stronger and shine brighter. For me, having a whey protein shake in the morning rather than a bagel and cheese, is the best thing I can do for my writing copywriter clients – whether I am working on a president’s speech, newsletter, article or simple product flyer.

Writer’s Block Breakthrough

If you are having trouble putting pen to paper or finger to laptop – take an exhilarating run. Some of the best ideas I have had, whether
for corporate clients or song writing, have come through a long jog. The repetitive motion tends to be a real liberator of thought. Problems unravel – and even the most profound intellectual epiphanies can strike without warning. Not to mention, the right tagline, headline – or cool topic for a blog… all of which are likely to pop into your head if you just pull on those sneakers and go.

Garbage In, garbage out.

Just like a steady intellectual diet of tabloid papers, gossip mags and pulp fiction may stunt your eloquence, so may a life of
lethargy, stuffing your body with unhealthy foods have an adverse effect on your communication skills. There is such a thing as weak and flabby writing. When your body is clean, healthy and exercised, you are more likely to produce lean, strong text! The right words will come easily and there is a natural flow between brain and typing fingers, unhindered by sleepiness, aches or the bad burger you ate last night. Good things in – magnificent things out!


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